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We are LPI ATP Gold Partner

Welcome to the Linux Professional Institute Training Portal

Here you can find Linux and Open Source Trainings by LPI Approved Training Partners in Central Europe and trainings authorized by the Linux Professional Institute that will lead you directly to the LPI certification. Use our course database, search for partners of the Linux Professional Institute in your area and look around. Trainers will find information about our LPI Certified Trainer partner program. At this link you can find information about our LPI Academic Partners in Central Europe.

The Top 5 LPI Approved Training Partners   [show all training partners]

1 PC-College GbR Germany 10963 Berlin Approved Gold Partner
2 Com training and services in Mainz Germany 55122 Mainz Approved Gold Partner
3 COMPAREX AG Germany 03429 Leipzig Approved Gold Partner
4 Linuxhotel GmbH Germany 45279 Essen Approved Partner
5 AT Computing Netherlands 6546 BE Nijmegen Approved Gold Partner
The next Authorized Trainings   [show all trainings]

1 Week 05 2017 Linux-Administration II: Linux im Netz LPIC-1-Level PC-College GbR Berlin
2 Week 05 2017 SECU Linuxsicherheit LPIC-2-Level PC-College GbR Berlin
3 Week 05 2017 SYAP - Linux-Systemanpassungen LPIC-2-Level PC-College GbR Berlin
4 Week 06 2017 INFS - Linuxinfrastruktur LPIC-2-Level PC-College GbR Berlin
8 Week 07 2017 WEBF - Linux als Web- und FTP-Server LPIC-2-Level PC-College GbR Berlin
9 Week 08 2017 NADM - Linux-Netzadministration LPIC-2-Level PC-College GbR Berlin
10 Week 10 2017 INFS - Linuxinfrastruktur LPIC-2-Level PC-College GbR Berlin

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